Limitations on HOA Funding Slow Further Efforts

          In the aftermath of the flooding, the interiors of the units have taken the most priority because of the value that the cash flow from rentals is essential to the Resort continuing the operate as expected. Since the majority of the timeshare's available funds have been concentrated on renovating the interiors of flooded units, this has left the FWCV HOA (of which the timeshare is a member and is responsible for maintaining the exteriors of the villas) with a lack of funds for its own assessment to fix the exteriors of the of the Villas and other common areas that are used by all visitors to the property.
        Due to this lack of funds, repair money had to be directed toward the most essential repairs first- those items that keep the resort able to operate and rent its rooms. Some of the most wide-sweeping exterior damage was to the screened-in porches behind the villas. The storm severely damaged about 280 of the property's 302 screen enclosures, with some enclosures needing to be completely replaced because they were crushed by falling trees. All screen enclosure repairs have been completed. Additionally, damaged sustained to the fabric sunshade overhanging the children's playground at the sports complex has also been repaired.     


Stucco, Facia & Parapet Walls to be Repaired, Plus New Color Palette

           The winds from the storm damaged already aging stucco, facia and the parapet walls which rise above the roofline of the villas. These items represent the bulk of costs of the exterior repairs, along with a fresh coat of paint on all buildings at the resort. Although the HOA has not yet collected the funds to complete this project from the timeshare or the other members of the association, these projects are well into their planning phases. Competitive bids have been obtained for all work to be completed so that the association could budget for its special assessment which it passed, the cost of which is included in the timeshare's special assessment.
          Upon completion of the painting portion of the project, the HOA is planning to implement a new color palette to increase the property's post-modern appeal. A neutral palette will be utilized to accentuate the brightly colored tile roofs and give a fresh look to the property. Colors have not yet been chosen, but the association has provided a conceptual rendering which can be viewed on this page.

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