Hurricane Ian scored a direct hit on Vacation Villas at FantasyWorld, but we survived and the recovery efforts have begun. 

        We secured the property before the storm and had a “ride out” team on property during the storm. Outdoor furniture was moved indoors or lashed down, including all 205 screened in patios and 400+ pieces of furniture from the pool deck. A total of 12 team member stayed on property, some of them for as long as 10 day after the atorm had passed. Because of this team’s hard work (under challenging conditions), we were able to prevent major pool, recreation center, lobby, and restaurant/bar damage. Our own maintenance crew made it their personal mission to get the amenities re-opened for the guests that were here during the hurricane. The main pool, lazy river, and water slides were re-opened within 24 hours; an amazing feat. Our entertainment staff (who make tie dyed shirts and sell snow cones) did the hard work of hauling and replacing all the pool deck furniture and all the patio furniture so the maintenance crew could work on major debris removal and interior mitigation of flood-damgaed rooms. 

Property Cleaned Up

Downed Trees, Dumpsters, and Other Obstacles Removed Qucikly

          The storm saw more than two dozen trees have their roots wash out from under them due to flooding, causing them to fall over. These downed trees blocked roads, crushed screen enclosured, and some were leaning procariously against the side of villas and on roofs, creating hazardous situations. Several of the miniature golf holes were picked up by the flood waters and were found blocking Kyngs Heath Road, Hart Road, and several of the entrances to the courts. Some even floated as far away as Highway 192. In places the waters got so high it floated the trash dumpsters causing them to block entrances to several courts, as well as trap guests cars in their parking spaces.
          We acted quickly to rent heavy equipment in addition to what we already own and the our on-site maintenace team immediaetly went to work clearing the trees and roads of debris. All in all we had more than 75 30-Yard dumpstyer loads of trash and debris removed from the property. By renting the necessary equipment and using our own personell resources we were able to get this done in a fraction of the time and cost over hiring contractors.

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