The very last 2019 future reservation was confirmed today. All remaining unassigned weeks are now in the past. As a result, the 2019 reservation links are now inactive.

We had 277 owners who failed to make a timely reservation request and have now lost the opportunity to confirm a usage for 2019. We are extremely sorry that this continues to happen year after year. While the number of lost weeks has been shrinking, it is best for everyone if we get this number to zero.

All owners are reminded that they may pay their annual fees and confirm their reservations up to one year in advance of their preferred arrival date. Reservations are confirmed on a first requested, first confirmed basis. The most popular weeks are assigned to the owners who requested them first. Also, everyone really should have a confirmation by January 1 (before the usage year begins). This is the only way to ensure that units that people are paying for are not sitting empty because owners forgot to make a timely reservation request.

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